Competition instructions (WRE bulletin 2)

Bulletin 2


IOF World Raking Event (WRE) and Finnish WOC middle distance qualification


23rd June 2019 Hanhiniemi, Rautalampi, Finland


The organizer is orienteering club Suonenjoen Vasama.


Competition instructions


Competition rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation, IOF´s quidelines for World Ranking Events and instructions given on the competition day by the organizers shall be followed. The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website


Main officials


Event Director Janne Rossi,, +358 40 593 6899

Course Setter Sami Lyytinen,, +358 400 575 494

Info and Media contact Janne Paavilainen,, +358 50 567 2421

International coordinator Janne Rossi,, +358 40 593 6899

IOF Event Adviser and technical adviser Börje Vartiainen,, +358 40 553 2769

FOF Adviser Jarmo Puttonen,, +358 40 5169 928

Course Controller Simo Martomaa,, +358 40 595 5731




Chairman: Jarmo Puttonen, Suunta Jyväskylä

Member: Ossi Lakkala, Kuopion Suunnistajat

Member: Petteri Kähäri, Suomen Suunnistusliitto


Guiding and venue


Competition centre will be located on a field in Hanhiniemi. Guiding to the competition centre starts from the crossroads of highway 69 and Konnekoskentie. Distance to the parking from the crossroads is approximately 10 km. The guiding posts are on their places by Sunday 23rd June 2019 at 8:00 am.

Parking will be on a field 700 m from the competition centre. The address of parking is Hanhiniementie 12, Rautalampi.




The terrain consists of some rocky hills (max 50 meters) with some dangerous cliffs on the slopes. There are some green areas on the map. Runnability is moderate and terrain base is quite slow. There are only few paths on the map area.




Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5 m, CMYK-offset printing 6/2019. Field survey

made by Jussi Silvennoinen. Map size A4. The competition maps are in plastic



The competition map can be seen on start. There is no old orienteering map of the area.


EMIT punching system, model control and checking the Emit card


The electronic system Emit will be used.


The model control and the Emit checking unit are located at the event centre. Competitors are responsible for checking that emit card works and have the same number as on the start list. Competitors using the emit-card with wrong card number will be disqualified.


Changes to emit card numbers can be made by e-mail to (no later than 22.6.2019 at 24:00). On the competition day changes can be made at the info. Rental emit cards are available at the info, fee 5 €. If the rented emit card is not returned a fee of 84 € is charged.


Competition classes


M21E 5,3 km, total climb 235m, 16 controls, 78 entries received

W21E 4,4 km, total climb 200m, 16 controls, 54 entries received


Number bibs and Emit card check slips


Number bibs are located at the competition centre. Safety pins are provided by the organizer. Number bibs are returned at the finish. If the bib is not returned, the price of a new number bib is charged.


Emit card check slips are available next to the number bibs and also at the pre-start. Competition number should be written on the slip.


GPS tracking


Some of the competitors are obliged to carry a GPS-tracking device handed out by the organizer. The GPS device will be given to the competitor at the pre-start. Competitors refusing to wear the device will be disqualified.


Control descriptions


Control descriptions are printed on the map. Separate control descriptions are available at the start with the following sizes:

M21E, 57 mm x 139 mm

W21E, 57 mm x 139 mm


Start and start procedure


A pre-start is used in the competition. The pre-start is closed at 11:30 am. Distance to the pre-start is 400 meters and from there further 500 meters to the start. There are shelters, drinking water and toilets available at the pre-start. Equipment transport from the pre-start to the competition centre is provided.


Distance to the start is 900 meters. The signposting (white with text “UPM” ) starts from the competition centre. Competitors are not allowed to leave the signposting to the west / north side of the road.



4 minutes before the start: the competitor is called in. Number bibs are checked and control descriptions are available.

3 minutes before start: emit card is cleared. The emit card number is not checked at the start. Competitors are responsible for checking that emit card has the same number as on the start list.

2 minutes before the start: the competition map is available.

At the time of start: the competition map is handed out by the organizer. The route to the K point is signposted.




The route from the last control to the finish is signposted. Competitors must punch at the finish line. After finish line competitors are guided to the Emit-punching check-out. Maps are not collected in the finish.




The complaints must be delivered in written form to the info within 30 minutes after the last competitor arrives to the finish.


Closing of the finish


The finish will be closed 120 minutes after the last start. Maximum running time is 120 minutes.




In case of DNF (dropping out of the race), the competitor must report at the finish immediately.


Toilets, dressing and washing facilities


There are toilets available in the pre-start and in the competition center. There are no toilets at the start.


There are no dressing or washing facilities available.




Prize-giving takes place after the results are clear.


First aid


There is a first aid point near the finish at the competition centre.


Food and beverage

There is a cafe in the competition centre.



Suonenjoen Vasama wishes good luck for all competitors!